Monday, December 14, 2009

Pei Yee's Wedding - 12.12.2009

Pei Yee's morning reception was held at Rasa Ria Resort. Eversince that her wedding concept was a beachside wedding, so I'd decided to help in matching her with the ceremony by using a hairdo with innocent yet elegant white flowers' decoration. AND Luckily, I possessed few skills of making necklace and accessories for her with my own hands. In addition, I immediately helped her to do a pearl necklace with flowers due to the main reason that her appointed bridal shop didn't provide her any accessories for the morning session.



Morning Session:-

Evening Session:- (My Own HandMade Hair Accessory Especially for Her)


  1. HI Gwen,
    Do you do make up for a malay / bajau wedding? and do you go out station to KOta Belud as I can see you are based in KK. Thanks

  2. Hi, May i know when is your wedding?? Coz i need to check with my appointment first.. Yup, i do bridal makeup for malay also and i also can go to Kota Belud