Monday, November 9, 2009

Kenny & Vinnie - 07.11.2009

Vinnie is one of close friend since the college time. She has a good personality, friendly, and happy going but a bit "Tom Boy". I still remember that she always say she don't want to marry during college life.

Haha... Now, she finally found someone...someone who can share her happiness and sad, someone who can borrow his shoulder to her when she cry, someone who can be her listener when she got trouble......

I'M REALLY HAPPY and sincere congratulations from the bottom of my heart on their marriage. I want to wish them the best of luck and ever-increasing happiness as the years go by.


Morning session:-

Evening Session:-

The "white hat" hairdo above is one of my favourite hair accessories. It is one of my collection and i never apply for other bride. Since Vinnie is my friend, i borrowed her to ensure that she looked gorgeous and pretty.

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