Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Taiwan Intensive Training Course

On 5th of OcToBer 2009.....

This was the biggest day in my life and one of the most daring thing I'd done in my life ....... was on my own to Taiwan (the biggest problem was yet to be revealed leh) ...

Carrying 3 items (1 luggage (bigger than me), 1 makeup box and a backpack) with my bare hands and small shoulders and took 2 diverted flights from KK to KL and then bear thru 12 hours of non-sleep at LCCT before taking off to Taipei with AirAsia X. The ordeal had yet to finish coz I hadn't found a place to settle there in Taiwan ... my gosh ... what a daring person I had been (but somehow I realized I was a bit naive).

Hehehe, but I was not expecting fool's luck fell on me coz along the way coz I encountered few good Samaritans (most important handsome guys) to help me with the heavy luggages and from that moment onwards, I was getting to believe that my childish personality was really helping me ... hehehe ..

5 days of wonderful classes and personal guidance from my teacher, Maggie really took me to the next level of makeup and new skills to be implanted into my brain & artistic hands (wow, a bit over self-confident here). Anyway, I can say that it was a wonderful to Taiwan and I really hoping that my next destination would be Korea then (hubby, u will support me in $$$ too?)

Here are SOME of the hairstyles and makeup that i've learned from Maggie老师。。。。

Tang...tang... tang.... This is my beautiful Maggie老师.


  1. Gwen,

    Kambateh!!! You are the best for me!!! Keep it up!!!


  2. Jeffrey, You are the best for me too!!! Let us "Gambateh" together...

  3. hey.. can i know where do you take the makeup course? and how much does it cost? i am looking for a makeup course in taipei so badly..

  4. Hey...can i ask where you went for the classes...please and thank you :)

  5. Hi can i know where u went for the courses?