Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jofanna Bridal

Earlester and Janet's Pre-Wedding

This is one of Jofanna Bridal's customers which I was really attracted with the soon-to-be bride's pretty looking face feature. I was hired as a part time makeup artist by the lady boss - Jofanna and the rest of the masterpiece was performed and completed by George Yong and his assistant. At the end, I was also proud and glad that I was a part of letting this couple crafting wonderful moments of pre-wedding pictorial memories.

Thank to Jofanna Bridal for giving me this opportunity. Do visit their website at

Fabian + Alvira

Fabian and Alvira are very nice and sociable person. They have a nice photo shoot session. Alvira also hired me as her bridal makeup artist after her Pre-wedding photo shoot. They have a nice photo shoot session.

Vincent & Grace

This couple flew all the way from KL just because of they really really like George's masterpiece. And i was so fortunate to be selected as their makeup artist.

Clarence + Jenny

I love the photo, which is taken at the rocky shore. Unfortunately that day was a raining day in the evening...But somehow, George is managed to capture the following wonderful shots.

Jenny was anxious about the makeup being swept away by the rain. BUT then she felt re-assured of when i explained about my water prove makeup

David and Valerie

Hmm...Valerie has a long and curly hair over her i decided to tie up her hair to one side for her first wedding gown so that she looked elegant like a movie star.

And then i do a TOP ROLL hairstyle for her second gown so that the hot weather would not wear her down... to avoid too much perspiration.

Arthur and Debby

This is first Makeup and hairdo

This is second makeup and hairdo. I apply the taiwan's hairstyle for her.

This is 3rd image.

And.....the last image..

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